MiamiVR 1st Meetup September 2015

Myron Mortakis from HELM Systems demos his VR plane on the Oculus DK2

Who is MiamiVR

MiamiVR is a community of VR developers, instructors, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, artists, and early adopters. We will be organizing monthly events starting in September. Announcements, product launches, and technology previews from VR startups. An open demo policy with plenty of time for demos.


MiamiVR’s goal is to promote affordable and accessible immersive virtual reality. To serve, develop, and promote an open, diverse, and healthy consumer VR ecosystem. We also aspire to provide a forum for examining best practices, technologies, opportunities and social implications of VR technologies in South Florida.

Fabien Bourdon’s Bio

Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.

Graduated University of Miami with BSCE. (Civil Engineer)

Worked with various Engineering/Architecture firms in South Florida on numerous projects including Fortune 500 businesses, schools, condominiums, universities, car dealership, warehouses, restaurants, ports, racetrack and conceptual planning.

Citrix Systems – I’ve been at Citrix for last 16 years in Consulting, Web Services, CitrixTV founder, Technology Specialist in Education Dept. Currently working on Designing Classroom of the Future.

Innovex Group – Technology Consulting company specializing in e-Commerce custom and packaged solutions. Joined company to manage all of their graphics requirements including redesign of company website and all internal and external facing marketing materials. After 6 months company was acquired by one of our largest customers, Citrix Systems.

Spatial Reality – Founding partner of a 3D-computer graphics/animation and Internet development firm. Providing conceptualization of immersive graphic interfaces and targeted motion graphics based on the client’s needs and environment. Offering full production and art direction, including supervision and management of all accounts from beginning to end, including Gantt chart preparation, storyboard, 3D models, testing, and post-production. Oversee production of prints, video, DVD-ROM’s, and websites.

Bermello, Ajamil & Partners – Project Manager – Civil site design for various civil engineering projects throughout the South Florida region. Working civil engineering drawings for Ryder Daycare Facility, Office Depot, townhomes , schools , condominiums, universities, car dealership, warehouses restaurants, ports , and conceptual planning.


Today’s Agenda

  • Thank you to for the meeting space.
  • Demos throughout
  • Who is MiamiVR
  • Member Introductions
  • Goals of the Meetup
  • What is VR
  • Business of VR
  • VR Intro
  • AR Intro
  • News of the Month
  • Q&A
  • Myron Mortakis from HELM Systems demos the interior of a jet on the Oculus DK2.


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